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Thursday, October 8, 2009

News and Bad news

OK, so it been a really long time since my last post, I'v been busy with comps, school and doctors.
Since the last post I competed in STYLEWARS which was epic, I rode really well in the rail jam on the 28 stair, bad weather postponed the session on the jump until the last day on the 80ft booter.

Got invited to the "One Hit Wonder" (Down Under) comp at Thredboe and had a awesome time. The jump was sweet and around 70ft. Unfortunately due to a prior injury I took things easier than I would have liked, never the less it was still a great experience.

So about a month prior to these events I injured my knee riding out of a jump, got caught up in the slush and fell hard and awkwardly, I though I just tweaked my knee and the physio said its just a hyper-extension and recommended I took a few days off to let it mellow out. Followed doc's orders and got back on snow asap. My knee was sore but only when I hyper-extended it, nothing some tape wouldn't fix to stop extension. Anyway last Tuesday I get an MRI with the results I'v been dreading I have severed my ALC and need surgery. Fingers crossed I get this new technology called the LARS ligament (artificial) which only takes 3 months to recover and make it back to America, but will have to work my ass off to get tha cash.

Trying to keep this in mind "A set back is a set up for a comeback"

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