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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Made it home!

After 2 weeks of getting back into snowboarding and getting tricks back we (Tyson, Belmore, Dhanu,Ash and Tim the photographer.) made the trip down to Boulder CO. Arriving late we decided to get some rest for an early start.
Friday morning bright and early we packed our gear and went to the first destination after meeting up with Stags and Woods, this was a barrel down bar exiting an underpass check photo. Tim was there taking photos, Stags was there filming for the Ballistyx Snowboard Show and we were also filming for our movie Spare Change (Wet Socks Productions).http://wetsocksproductions.blogspot.com/

Half way through a State Ranger rocked up questioning what we were doing but after some sweet talking she had no problem with it and even tried to help us out with different locations. The money shots were taken so we moved on.

The second spot was an up rail with a drop off the side located in a park, we all got to work setting it up, forming the run in the lip and setting up the Bungee Rope. The snow was perfect to make the lip but every minute after the heat was dramatically affecting the run in and was forming it into a wakeboard course. I managed to get the shot with the help of all the boys pulling the bungee and filming. Cheers bros.

We headed to the Dorms where the College students live to scope some features, found a few sweet hits but didn't end up hitting them, another time.

After a successful day a few of us decided to go out with our College friends to a few Frat parties and what not, good night.

Up early again but not as early as the day before, we all headed to a local school to hit a down rail with a decent size donkey dick on the end. Upon arrival we found that the in run was a lot smaller than expected and to make it worse it was right under a roof drainage pipe, so while strapping in we were standing under a waterfall. A few tricks were thrown and a few shots were taken and that was a wrap for our Boulder urban trip! We ended up making it home Saturday night at midnight.

Also some other photos of what I've been up to lately.

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