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Saturday, March 13, 2010


After calling it yesterday that I was going to get a double back flip today I headed up the hill with Dhanu. The weather was epic, blue skies and fairly warm weather which made it pretty much perfect conditions apart from one factor, I never though the snow could be that quick and be a bad thing. It made it a bit of a challenge to get the speed right and made overshooting look like it was going out of fashion.

After back flipping every single jump in one run I was feeling good and decided it was time.
Back flipped the first jump and came into the second/last jump with a fair amount off speed and went for it. Got the grab and kept rotating then stomped it taking it deep on the landing. So stoked. Ended up stomping all of them and made them cleaner each time. Epic day.
I'll get some footage and chuck it up asap.

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