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Monday, April 12, 2010

Coming to an end

OK so competed in my first comp since my knee reco a few weeks ago at Key Stone, it was the Peanut Butter, Volcom Rail Jam. The set up was a flat barrel a down rail and an angled box. There was a massive turn out of riders forcing there to be 3 heats for open men's, I made finals which I was pretty stoked on, except I had to leave before the final because I borrowed a car and needed to return it before 3pm. The next day was a slopestyle comp at Breck for Spring massive the course consisted of a flat down box to a 25ft to a 35-40ft jump then a long down bar then a kink rail. My first run I kooked it and fell on a cab underflip 720, some reason I couldn't land my stock tricks so I mellowed it out and went front 360 to double backflip and stomped it. Didn't make top 3 and there wasn't a best trick division...gay. The results arnt up yet.
Spring is defiantly underway here in Colorado, Breckenridge has now closed along with the other mountains.
Today we all started cleaning the house and packing up our things, I'm heading to Boulder on Wednesday since our rent runs out to chill out for 9days with a few friends. Here's some photos of whats been going on lately.

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