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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Ok Ok. since iv been getting so many emails about not putting up any post from my fans i guess i will meet the demand. And by fans I mean the blooger team and by emails I mean, them telling me about all these new gay themes I could use to improve my blog.

At this very moment I'm laying on the ground at Denver International Airport, (just had harcore Deja-vu, wow) um, chilling getting extremely bored!!! It took 3-4 hours to get here because of the traffic and weather, blame part of it on Martin Luther King Jr, thanks mate, every man and their dog were on their way home.

So I've been injured the past 4weeks so I've been taking it easy, back on track now and on my way to Japan for a photo shoot for 10days, should be dope!! Meeting up with the man himslef Lee Ponzio in Tokyo then heading to Asahikawa. Cant wait to get on the plane, I've been chillin here for 5hours and still have four to go..... It will be worth it!

I've been living in Frisco, Co with myslef and Belmore, we have a pretty sweet crib going on. Breck's been pretty fun so far and the park looks DOPE cant wait to get back and hit it!

I'll throw up a few pics of whats been going on.

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