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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chillin with the Third Chapter Crew in Hotham

Myself and Belmore headed over to Hotham for a weekend filled of shovelling with Tim and Rainer.
Liam Kaska with his camera and Will Kendel with the video camera were ready to shoot and get the shots. We started off building a step-down back country jump over the back side of Hotham, sessioned that for a little while, I managed to get a pretty sweet backside rodeo off it.
Next up we found a sweet A-Frame metal jib in a junk yard, set it up and messed around on that for awhile before getting in some 4wding. The next day we went back over where our jump was and set up another stepdown, this thing was sweet, could of been perfect if there was just a little bit more snow. Later that night we got some shots using a stump, tabletop and a little landing.
Thanks to Will Kendel,Liam Kaska and Rainer for the weekend!

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