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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

From a good day to a funny night to a shit day

So what do you do after a good day of shreding with some money in your hand?
You go out and party! Thats exactly what I did, cought up with a few mates in the city and got loose.
Long story short myself and my mate Zac got jumped by around 8 guys(wogs) for noreason in the middle of the city on the way home, ended up doing alright for ourselves which resulted in them running away, had a few laughts about it after then when to the strippers.
Come the next day both our hands were pretty sore and swolen, after an xray, I had broken my hand and wrist and my mate broke his finger in two places. Got a cast put on and bobs ur uncle, good as gold. Mt Dew comp in one week!

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